Image of The Elosar- A tale of the Afterlife (A Fantasy Novel Hardcover Book)

The Elosar- A tale of the Afterlife (A Fantasy Novel Hardcover Book)


The land of the dead named Gohran is guarded by the Elosar, beings of white light who used to be human. The undying or the immortals of this realm have always resided in the realm of the three suns, until now. Ilised the daughter of the Elosar and a being of great darkness the god Findul is coming of age. Being tutored by her guardian Ivan she has spent two hundred years caring for the dead in Gohran, until they are well studied and their time comes for them to move into paradise named Hunde. Sure there are other universes where the dead may convene, but in this universe Stephen Staircase is the guardian of the dead. Ilised and Stephen have been childhood friends, and now they come up against the third of their childhood friends, Alios, who is now a ruler in one of the realms of darkness. Together Ilised and Stephen must battle Rakshaw, a three headed dog in the form of a cloud capable of consuming the Elosar, and all that light represents. Rakshaw is not a being acting on his own, but rather there are dark forces powerful enough to lend power to him. Ilised and Stephen must find out the true source of Rakshaw’s power, the meaning of the prophet Asmodeus’s missing scroll and its whereabouts, which will take them to the old world, where mortals are born. The mysterious pied piper Seth who has plans for mortals far beyond any of Ilised’s and Stephen’s imaginings. And whose allegiance they fear will end up with Alios. They must also end the powerful reign of Alios and the powers of darkness, before the end of the realm of the three suns.